How to become a purpose-driven business

How to become a purpose-driven business

Recently I partnered with my local Chamber of Commerce (one of the best little CoC’s in the world by the way!) to present a webinar about how to become a purpose-driven business. The presentation covered the what, why, and how of purpose-driven businesses, as in:

  • WHAT is purpose?
  • WHY is it important to clarify the purpose of your business (for you, your team, and your customers)?
  • HOW to become a purpose-driven business?

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how the webinar went over with the audience – it’s so hard to tell when you can’t read the room, so to speak. I have a tendency to try to cram too much info into too short a period of time, and thought that I might have overwhelmed the audience with TMI. And I very well might have. But I watched the webinar earlier today (as I’m building an online course on the same topic and wanted to see what I did well and not-so-well in the webinar), and I was pleasantly surprised actually. I thought it would be cringe-y watching myself give the presentation, but it wasn’t. The webinar did a good job:

  • clearing up confusion around vision, mission, and purpose statements
  • explaining the 4-step process of making your business more purpose-driven
  • identifying the benefits of becoming a purpose-driven business (hint: increased performance, profitability, and growth)
  • using research to back it all up

Here’s the link to the webinar recording if you want to watch and learn on your own time. It runs less than an hour. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Also-a reminder about the Training Program I am running for small business owners starting January 20. If you’re interested in getting the Whole PIE in your business (generating more Profit, creating more Impact in your community, and Enjoying the process of running your business a whole lot more), then check out all the details here. Given the interactive nature of the program, space is limited.