The Whole PIE Business Management System™ Training Program launches in January 2021

The Whole PIE Business Management System™ Training Program launches in January 2021

Looking to join other like-minded small business owners in setting your business up for success in 2021, despite these challenging times?

Our new Training Program for Small Business owners will help you do just that.

We will show you how to harness the power of strategic goal setting to get the Whole PIE in your business. That means generating more PROFIT, creating more IMPACT, and ENJOYING the process of running your business a whole lot more. We’ll also train you how to systematize accountability in your business, so that you and your team will stay on track in achieving your profit, impact, and enjoyment goals.

The Whole PIE Training Program – What is it?

A comprehensive 8-session program that trains small business owners how to implement The Whole PIE Business Management System™, a simple-but-effective small business management system designed to help your business improve its “triple bottom line” by becoming more profitable, impactful, and enjoyable. 

We do this by taking participants through our unique Whole PIE Pathway process:

The program will be delivered via weekly two-hour interactive virtual sessions. Participants will be expected to commit an additional two hours in between sessions to complete homework and action steps between each session. See the Program Outline below for topics, tools, and outcomes for each session. 

What are the benefits?

If you’re a small business owner, this program will help you: 

  1. Understand the four sheets of paper you need to run your business more efficiently
  2. Find more time in your week
  3. Implement simple but powerful action plans
  4. Run effective, laser-focused meetings 
  5. Be more focused, disciplined and accountable
  6. Resolve recurring problems once and for all
  7. Simplify decision-making
  8. Identify and monitor your key business metrics
  9. Clarify your core processes
  10. Easily and effectively evaluate your people
  11. Manage change and make it stick
  12. And much more!
What is the program schedule?
Session 1- Jan 20: Your Business’ Purpose
Session 2- Jan 27: Your Core Values & Value Proposition
Session 3- Feb 10: Your 3-Year Plan
Session 4- Feb 24: Your 1-Year and 90-Day Plans
Session 5- Mar 10: Your Flywheel of Accountability
Session 6- Mar 24: Right People, Right Seats
Session 7- Apr 7: Your Core Processes
Session 8- Apr 24: Bringing It All Together
Registration Deadline

January 15, 2021. Due to the interactive nature of the program, space is limited.

For complete Program information and to find out how to register, download our full Program brochure here: