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We help business owners
achieve their goals and
get results faster.

We show business owners how to run their business more efficiently, so that they generate more PROFIT, create more of an IMPACT in the communities they serve, and are more ENJOYABLE to own and operate.

In other words, we help business owners get The Whole PIE.
(Profit + Impact + Enjoyment = P-I-E.)

We can help you turn confusion into confidence, chaos into calm, and crisis into control. Click below to take the first step towards falling back in love with your business, today.

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The Top 5 Inefficiencies That Keep Small Business Owners Stuck – And How To Fix Them

As a small business owner, you understand all too well the profound impact inefficiency can have on your journey toward success and personal fulfillment. It's an ongoing battle that can leave you feeling stuck and discouraged, despite pouring your heart and soul into your business.

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  • Andy brings a real sense of simplicity and calm to our every day work life. With his Whole PIE System and way of thinking it really breaks things down in bite-size pieces and makes it easy to understand and to form a plan giving business owners a lot of great traction to help grow and move forward. I see myself and my company The GJV Group working with Andy for a very long time.
    The GJV Group of Companies
  • One of the biggest outcomes of working with Andy and implementing the Whole PIE System into my business was how setting big goals around the impact I wanted to make with my business ended up being the catalyst to achieving more sales and profit growth. I didn’t see that coming, but was happy it did!
    DAVE VEALE, Founder & CEO
    Vision Coaching Inc.
  • Working with Andy has helped me to achieve growth in my business and to be more structured in my day to day focus. I have implemented many of the tools from the Whole PIE System and using the Key Data Tracker on a weekly basis has made me more accountable and as a result I have my fingers on the pulse of my business. This has contributed to helping me achieve many of my goals both professionally and personally! Thank you Andy!
    JIM COOPER, Franchise Owner
  • As the Director of Operations for a successful hockey academy in Fredericton, NB I had the privilege of working with Andy Clark while our business was expanding. There were many unanswered questions that were on the table that my partners and I needed direction with, and Andy certainly did not disappoint. His timely responses, professional demeanour and courteous interactions with my team made what could have been a very difficult endeavour seamless. I would highly recommend his services to anyone searching for a combination of quality and excellence.
    JAMIE MORRISON, Director of Operations
    Champions Hockey Academy
  • Since we implemented elements of the Whole PIE System into our business, we are on track to have our best year ever. The System not only helped us establish the key objectives and metrics for our family business, it helped us set up an accountability structure that forces us to stay focused and on track. I recommend Clarkie Consulting and the Whole PIE System to any small business looking to grow.
    Chestnut Building Solutions
  • Working with Clarkie Consulting was awesome.  Our team learned a ton, we developed some great materials for our marketing package and ultimately that has led to new business, with higher paying clients, I don’t feel we could have secured otherwise!

    ANSON DARVILLE, President
    RETAIN Property Management
  • Scott headshot
    The Whole PIE System helped us establish goals, key priorities, and action steps that align with our company’s purpose and core values. It also helped us implement the data-driven accountability structure we needed to keep us focused and on track to reaching our goals. Andy knows his stuff. We look forward to working with Andy and Clarkie Consulting as we continue to grow our business.  
    SCOTT GIANNOU, President
    Higher Talent Inc.
  • Thanks for your guidance and insight over the past 12 weeks.  It was really appreciated and I am confident I will continue to put the Whole PIE System to great use. I will certainly recommend you to others.
    MARK LEBLANC, Principal & Broker
    Partners Global Commercial Real Estate
  • Gaelene Wootton headshot
    Andy provided business consulting services and helped me create our company’s Purpose and Vision Statements, as well as our Core Values and Operating Principles. I enjoyed how Andy challenged me when needed and asked questions to bring more content into the discussions. He has all the tools and experience needed to help a business owner walk through an area of their business that they have never done before. I am very pleased with the outcome from this project and I am excited to work with him again in the future.
    Level Up Recruiting Inc.
  • Andy worked with me to develop a strategic plan for my business. I've done strategic planning (on my own or with a consultant) many times during the 17 years I've owned my own company, but I've never been happy with the results. Andy helped me dig deep to uncover a vision, purpose and core values for the company that I finally feel good about. I love that the plan he helped me create is realistic and measurable, but it also focuses on more than just profit goals. The plan also captures community impact and my enjoyment, which are so important to long-term fulfillment and success.

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