What comes first in your business – profit, impact, or joy?

In the last article I wrote about the three most important measures of business success: profit, impact, and joy.  Which of the three comes first? If you can only tackle one at a time, where should you start? The answer? It depends. (Did you know I practiced law for 10 years? Some habits die hard.) It … Continue reading “What comes first in your business – profit, impact, or joy?”

How to create a <30-page operating manual for your business

Processes are the means by which your People will achieve your Planning goals so that the business carries out its Purpose.  Your business has lots of processes. Your people are going about doing what they do every day according to some sort of process. The problem in most businesses is that most of its processes … Continue reading “How to create a <30-page operating manual for your business"

Where are the misalignments in your business?

My wife runs a business. She is a doctor of chiropractic and owns one of the most successful wellness practices in the region. I have learned a lot about business from her. And I have also learned there is a lot that business owners can learn from the principles of chiropractic. I’d like to share … Continue reading “Where are the misalignments in your business?”

The 4Ps of your business

Business is complicated. So many moving parts. So many variables. So many pressing concerns. So little time. I find it helpful to use frameworks to break complicated subjects (like business) into smaller components. It makes it a little easier to get your head around things, and helps identify key priorities from busywork. When you’re in … Continue reading “The 4Ps of your business”