About Andy

The Professional Stuff

I never thought this day would come, but it’s official now…I have over 20 years of professional experience. Yikes.

After getting my B.A. at Mount Allison University and my law degree at the University of British Columbia, I practiced corporate and commercial law for 10 years. I was an associate at Atlantic Canada’s largest law firm for six years, and I was VP Legal Affairs for an immigration and investment firm for four years.

I transitioned out of law practice to help build a business in the wellness industry for 5 years. During that time I wrote a book about wellness for lawyers, and also began my consulting practice. I have since worked with businesses in the wellness, legal, and accounting industries. My main focus has been on strategy and operations.

Over the years I have discovered that I am really good at:

  1. Knowing what needs to be done, and getting what needs to be done, done.
  2. Aligning strategic thinking with the day-to-day actions required to implement it.
  3. Integrating the many moving parts of a business.
  4. Breaking down complex subjects or projects into simpler, more manageable components.

Sometimes it’s easy to think that everyone is good at the stuff you’re good at. But I’ve found out that few business owners and entrepreneurs are very good at this stuff and can really benefit from my help in these areas.

The Community Stuff

Community involvement has been part of my family’s DNA for a few generations. My grandfather started the Fredericton Community Foundation in the 1950s and members of my family have been involved ever since. I served a term as Board Chair and have had the privilege of honouring our community’s philanthropists in action, as seen in the picture here.

I have also served as Grants Chair for Fredericton Sports Investment, an organization that raises funds to support amateur athletes and access to sport in our region. I have lots of fun coaching youth hockey as well.

The Personal Stuff

My main roles in life are as husband to Shelley and dad to Alex, Gabe, Noah, and Charlie. That’s the clan in the picture below. I won the lotto with this family and am grateful for them every day.

I love sports. Although hockey is my favourite, I don’t have a favourite team which is odd. (It used to be the Nordiques when they existed.) I LOVE the Raptors and Blue Jays, but I don’t like basketball and baseball that much. Also odd.

I love music. The Tragically Hip is my favourite band and have had an unusually large impact on my life. I was at their second last concert, in Ottawa. Amazing. I play a bit of guitar to the sometimes delight, but oftentimes annoyance, of my family.

I love travel. Shelley and I are constantly planning our next trip. (When it’s with the kids, we call it a trip. When it’s by ourselves, we call it a vacation.) I think you learn more travelling than by doing anything else.

And I love business. Other than being a parent, I think being an entrepreneur is the hardest, most fascinating, and most rewarding thing you can be. Entrepreneurs create value for the world and make it a better place. I love playing a role to help other entrepreneurs make their businesses more profitable, impactful, and enjoyable.

I’d love to hear from you.